International Standards for Clubhouse Programs

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The International Standards for Clubhouse Programs (TM), consensually agreed upon by the worldwide Clubhouse community, define the Clubhouse Model of rehabilitation.  The principles expressed in the Standards:

  • Are at the heart of the success experienced by Clubhouses around the world in helping people with mental illness stay out of hospitals while achieving social, financial, educational, and vocational goals;
  • Serve as a “bill of rights” for members and a code of ethics for Clubhouse staff, boards and administrators and a reminder that Clubhouses be places that offer respect and opportunities to members;
  • Provide the basis for assessing Clubhouse quality through the Clubhouse International Accreditation (TM) process.

Every two years, the Clubhouse International Standards Review Committee, which is made up of members and staff of Accredited Clubhouses from around the world, reviews the Standards, based on proposals from member Clubhouses, and amends them as necessary.  Principles inherent in each of the Standards include:

  • Membership: ensures members that their participation is fully voluntary and that they can access all the opportunities available to them through Clubhouses.
  • Relationships: describes the unique collegial relationship between Clubhouse staff and members.
  • Space: emphasizes the importance of creating a dignified, attractive environment where important work is carried out.
  • Work-Ordered Day: describes the structure of the day-to-day activity within a Clubhouse, organized to help members develop self-esteem, confidence and friendships, which make up the foundation of the recovery process.
  • Employment: ensures that Clubhouses offer members organized, effective strategies for moving into and maintaining gainful employment. Members have access to:
    • Transitional Employment Opportunities; and
    • Supported and Independent Employment Opportunities
  • Education: ensures that Clubhouses offer members effective opportunities to complete their education.
  • Functions of the House: addresses the basic requirements for meeting members’ needs, with an emphasis on social and healthcare services.
  • Funding, Governance and Administration: describes requirements for overseeing and managing Clubhouses.