What We Do

The Gathering Place Clubhouse is the psychosocial rehabilitation program of Lincoln Behavioral Services.  It is designed to model a workplace environment for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.  In the Clubhouse these individuals are referred to as members.  The program is based on the principle of supportive relationships and real choices for consumers of mental health services.  The Clubhouse models a workplace environment by having a structured work ordered day, which involves the members of the Clubhouse in every aspect of its operation.

What is a Work Ordered Day?

The Work-ordered Day refers to the structure in place for Clubhouse programs.  Clubhouses are structured into different Units, which contain meaningful work that needs to be completed for the Clubhouse to operate on a day to day basis.  Members are able to choose which Unit they want to be a part of, and work side by side with other members and Clubhouse staff to complete the work of the Unit.  Being a part of the Unit lets members know they are needed, expected and wanted.

Gathering Place Clubhouse Units

The gathering place clubhouse is comprised of two units:

  • Administrative unit:

    • The Administrative Unit has the responsibility of a variety of Administrative tasks.  These tasks include Clubhouse correspondence, newsletters, teaching computer skill, community outreach and advocacy, and reception.  This Unit also performs tasks such as managing the Clubhouse Boutique, the Library, and tracking daily attendance and billing.  The Administrative Unit is also responsible for copy work, data entry, tracking employment data, and completing new member enrollment
  •        food unit:

    • The Food Service Unit plans monthly menus, purchases the food supply necessary for meals and special events, along with producing nutritious meals.  The Food Service Unit also maintains an inventory of supplies, manages the Snack Bar and coordinates kitchen clean up.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what members of the Gathering Place Clubhouse do each afternoon!